Tuesday, 15 December 2015

My Love for Mixed Media!

Its been a while since I last blogged , I have always loved blogging my work but over the months that have gone by my crafting style has changed .... I will always create lovely handstamped cards for family especially the children but I just love the grungy , deep tones I can achieve when creating mixed media creations ... it seems to be where I feel most comfortable ! I love playing with colours and the best part of it is " IMPERFECTION IS BEAUTY" you can make MISTAKES with mixed media work its not got to be perfect... which suits me just right !
Heres a lovely little Domino Concertina Book I made recently using
  • Ivory Dominos
  • Pearl Dots
  • An Old Brooch
  • Polymer Stamps
  • Alcohol Inks
  • Matt Sealant
  • Card Stock
  • Ribbon
  • Silicon Glue
#mixedmedia #concertinabook #dominoart #alcoholinks #polymerstamps

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Pink and Brown? what bloody challenge???

Hello all, well ive made a card with a pink and brown theme but havent the faintest whose blog challenge it was for lol... how dippy can one girl be??? i literally read pink and brown and set about creating this card when i returned to the laptop today to see whos challenge it was for could i find it ?? 
 But here it is...
 loving the Ethel and Murray stamps i borrowed off a good friend...
now looking into buying them myself just my kinda thing!

so i will continue to find the challenge lol.. and will update when needed hahahaha
 blogged over and out 



Thursday, 13 September 2012

Gone Dotty be back soon!...

Well here it is my attempt at a couple of challenges

 Joanna Sheen blog challenge -  theme - "going dotty"
Cutie pie blog challenge  - theme - "No flowers"

 I made it last night but have only been able to post now... (4 and a bit hours before it closes) 
its a xmas card made with one of my favourite christmas stamps i own ,  i love to colour it in so i thought id do two of them and decoupage them giving dimension to the card... and jazz it up with some stickles 
here it is..

decoupaged just one layer.... 

and added sparkle...

 x fingers crossed x

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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Sketch Saturdays Challenge!

I had a lovely day today taking the 20 minute walk into town with my young boys... and yes of course i went into the local craft shop and walked out with some gorgeous ribbons... when i got home i didnt sit down i just  stood in my crafty hole cupboard and didnt stop until i created this card..... 

i created it with a blog challenge in mind also ....
the challenge was to stick to this template below and create to your hearts content

why dont you give it a go!!!

 x Good luck  x

blogged over and out
 XAllanah x

Monday, 27 August 2012

Less is more challenge.......

I have created a card for the "less is more challenge" on their blog.... click here to join in--->

The instructions are that you have an area of card blank and that its a very basic card with only 3- 2- 1 things on it... for example 3 butterflys, 2 words, 1 background 
 i have chosen a bit of a war time theme a little vintage with a sharp black and white crisp edge to it.

my card is called "war love letters" and i have used .....

3 - vintage ladies , 
2 - words "love" & Letters" 
1  - script background stamp

1 Blog challenge down 4 to go......

blogged over and out x



Saturday, 18 August 2012


At my local craft group there are some wonderful ladies and one of them pattie kindly made me the most gorgeous little fabric book for the storage of my favorite atc's and inside she popped one of her fabric atc's which said "with love" so kind of her i love and treasure this kind of thing ... 
here it is .....

and heres the cheeky atc inside.....

 how lovely is it???

it will be pride of place in my craft cupboard  -  check out her blog here as shes one to watch .....

thanks Pattie im very pleased its gorgeous x

Thursday, 16 August 2012


Well here it is my card finished.... this card was not my usual card and heres why? well normally when i make cards i normally go for muted colours and when i got asked to make a card for a flame throwing woman in her 40's who loves bright colours , is very outgoing and chatty i knew i had to think outside the box a little ...so scooted through my papers and came across some kate knight papers ive never used and seemed to get the colour theme .... purple, Lime and orange.....

what are we thinking ?? (Leave a comment)

id like to also add this to a challenge on blogger ...

(click the above to join the challenge its on for 
the remainder of the month so plenty 
of time to create and post)

The challenge theme is "summer" and i thought the colours on my card suit this challenge well, my fingers are crossed for blog candy could do with more stash lol 
(cant we all its never-ending) x

well thats me blogged....



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